19 October 2013

Mr. Olympia Phil Heath to Appear on BFG Pre-Show

Richard Choueiri is reporting that Phil Heath, a three-time Mr. Olympia, will appear at Bound for Glory in what he describes as a "bro-off" against the Bro-Mans.  I don't know what to make of this because, honestly, it sounds horrific.  Hopefully, this segment will take place on the pre-show because it's certainly not something I want to watch on Bound for Glory.  On the bright side, Heath appears to be in his prime (he's only 33) and in great shape so he will, at least, look impressive in the ring.  He has, in addition, won Mr. Olympia the last three years so he's essentially the sports' top athlete, something that we haven't been accustomed to as TNA fans.  Kudos to our soon-to-be affiliate IWHeadlines for the heads up.

UPDATE (10:23 PM EST): Upon further review, I've discovered that Phil Heath will indeed appear on SpikeTV's Countdown to Bound for Glory.  It's certainly not as bad as I initially thought.  In fact, I might even enjoy this segment on the pre-show.

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