07 October 2013

Jamin Olivencia to Release Statement This Week

As we reported on TNAMecca on Saturday night following his victory over James Moose Thomas at Saturday Night Special to retain the OVW Heavyweight Championship, Jamin Olivencia took to Twitter to make an interesting challenge to TNA star Kurt Angle.  This afternoon, he announced on his Twitter account that he will release an official statement this week.  You can read his full tweet below:

I'm curious to see what Jamin Olivencia has to say because it sounds like something's brewing in his mind. The question remains, however, how does Kurt Angle fit into his plan and would the Olympic gold medalist consider and ultimately accept Olivencia's challenge? As a huge fan of Olivencia's, I'm intrigued by this development and hope it leads to the current OVW champion getting a chance to show his talent in Impact Wrestling.

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