11 October 2013

Is Ethan Carter III Bound For Glory?

Last night we finally saw the face of Ethan, and we also learned his full name is Ethan Carter III. Right off the bat, his last name being Carter is most definitely interesting and exciting. I don't think it's a coincidence that shortly after Dixie Carter turns heel that an arrogant and clearly rich gentleman who shares the same last name appears on TNA TV. Could anyone really make demands to have his debut so heavily hyped other than a fellow Carter?

I'm hoping that Ethan is the nephew of Dixie, with Dixie believing that Ethan can be the future face of TNA, a face that she can trust and knows will always be on #TeamDixie. In just 2 vignettes I've become a fan of the character, the question I have is when will EC3 debut? I think next week it should be announced that Carter will make his in ring debut at Bound For Glory. Next week, Have Ethan arrive in a limo with Dixie there to meet him. After getting through the pleasantries, have Dixie tell Ethan she brought him here to tell him that he will make his in-ring debut at Bound For Glory, and because she can see money in him, his first match will be for the now vacant Television title.

With Dixie's change in character, going straight into a nepotism angle makes perfect sense. With the situation of AJ Styles possibly winning the TNA World Title, Dixie will want every belt held by someone on #TeamDixie. Granted the Television Title is currently held by Abyss, who hasn't been seen for month's, but from Dixie perspective it gives an ego boost to the Carter family and also avoids any problems with the Television Champion occurring.

The final question is this, if that scenario or just Ethan debuting in a standard match at BFG happened, who would his opponent be? I went down the Impact roster to find a face who wasn't already booked at BFG to face EC3, the only guys I saw were Abyss & Rob Terry. I doubt they would bring back Abyss to lose, and I also doubt they would have Carter lose in his debut match, so Abyss can be crossed off. As for Rob Terry, I personally wouldn't bring him back for BFG, and certainly not in a TV title match. My search then crossed to OVW, where I found the perfect opponent, The Pope D'Angelo Dinero. Pope would be a returning star and proven talent who is a solid name to compete for the TV title. Pope returned to OVW several weeks ago, and I think the reason why was to get rid of some ring rust before returning to TNA, therefore you could say Pope returning to TNA is likely.

I think a Pope vs EC3 feud could be great, and it would be a solid first opponent for Ethan to have. This more than likely won't happen, but if it did, I would be one happy camper. The only thing I can hope will happen is that come BFG, EC3 makes his debut and injects some new life into Impact Wrestling, and when he does......there better be lions!

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