16 October 2013

Evolution is Unavoidable...for TNA also.

Am I a scientist? No, I am not, nor would I ever claim to be (I will leave that to Eric Young).  I do, however, have a degree in science.  Science has always been my least favorite subject matter in school, yet that is my supposed specialty in my field of work.  What a weird paradox if you think about it.  I will spare you the evolution VS religion debate, but there is no doubt that humans have evolved in the areas of average intelligence, our technology, medicine, and all the other things involved in improving our way of life.  If you ponder where humanity will be in 50 years, it may just blow your mind.  In that same vein, where will TNA be in 50 years?  Will the company still exist?  I hope so, but if it still exists it will not be the same company that it is today.

When you step back and realize that TNA has only existed since 2002, it is fairly inconceivable.  That being said, the average TNA detractor would have you believe that the company is constantly in danger of shutting down any second now.  The fact is that TNA is not going away anytime soon.  There is a will to succeed that exists with-in TNA that is stronger than most realize.  When so many people with-in a company care this deeply about it growing and progressing, that is a really hard bond to break.  TNA's core audience of a million-plus U.S. die-hard fans will do everything possible to make sure it exists well into the future also, along with the rabid UK fan base and TNA fans around the world.  TNA matters to a lot of people and it will continue to matter. 

The core of evolution for TNA is centered in its International growth.  Now, I'm not saying that at any point in the foreseeable future that TNA should abandon its U.S. audience completely, but it is fair to say that it's not going to necessarily be the main focus forever.  The U.S. market is extremely important to a company that originated from Nashville, Tennessee. However, if the level of growth in other places around the world eventually exceeds a level beyond anyone's expectations, then you are forced to recognize that and service those areas.  The seeds have been planted for TNA in different countries like India, Mexico, England (and most of the U.K.), Japan, Canada, and others.  At some point, when the TV viewership in these countries reaches a certain level (like reports for Germany currently indicate for example), you need to think about going outside of the box and taking IMPACT there.

Of course, if TNA had unlimited funds in their budget, they probably would have already done more international live events and TV tapings.  And then there is the saying, "if ifs and buts were candy and nuts, everyday would be Merry frickin' Christmas".  Can you imagine a day where TNA tours regularly in these international markets?  Open your mind and it will come to you.  The evolution of TNA is not in this year or next.  It's in the next 10 years and then the next 10 years.  IMPACT Wrestling is going to survive.  Stop listening to the naysayers. 

Here is an applicable quote from John Carmack, "Focused, hard work is the real key to success. Keep your eyes on the goal, and just keep taking the next step towards completing it. If you aren't sure which way to do something, do it both ways and see which works better."  That is what TNA is doing in this science-experiment type of way.  They are fishing for that perfect formula that will bust them through to the other side.  They are so close to achieving this in the form of presenting a fantastic show on a consistent basis, and they are THIS close.

I think it's a dangerous mentality to think that TNA will not evolve.  I mean they even named their Jeff Hardy Fitness App "Always Evolve" (I kid, I kid).  So maybe 50 years from now, TNA is based out of the UK and tours the world regularly?  Someone that is not going to be born until at least the year 2035 is the World Champion.  The controversial social issues that plague us today will be a humorous thought, in a similar way that doctors used to think that smoking cigarettes was good for you.  Mike Tenay's head will be preserved in a jar ringside as he will still be the lead commentator.  Will any of this happen?  How will TNA evolve to you?  Where will they be in 50 years?

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