10 October 2013

UPDATE: Ethan's Last Name is Carter!

Earlier we posted a tweet from Michael Hutter teasing his debut tonight on Impact but in an interesting turn of events, Hutter's tweet and Twitter account have disappeared.  I'm not sure what this means  because Hutter could have simply changed his username if that was his intention.  As soon as we hear more or know his new Twitter username, we will be sure to let you know.  More to come...

UPDATE: After doing some research, Michael Hutter's new Twitter name is @EthanCarterTNA which is interesting because the man who was simply known as Ethan now has a last name.  Is anyone thinking what I'm thinking - rich spoiled dude with the last name Carter?  As for his tweets regarding Impact tonight, they have been deleted it appears.  Could this be an indication that he will not debut tonight after all?  We will know soon enough.

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