24 October 2013

TNA Announces New "Where Action Never Ends" Strategy

TNA just announced via a new cross-platform program that will feature 24/7 TNA content that will be "an evolution in the way fans experience professional wrestling". The press release states that cameras will be rolling 24/7 on superstars at live events, on the road and in their homes. TNA look to infuse "camera's everywhere" into the Impact Wrestling program, and continue it for the 166 hours until the next show through multiple platforms. 

In the press release, TNA President Dixie Carter says "Our renewed focus will shift from live event touring to 24/7 show content". The press release also says Universal Studios will be the company's programming hub, as well as the primary talent training facility moving forward. It also states more new characters will debut in the coming months.

I have to say, when you look at this press release, this announcement is huge. TNA will be delivering content 24/7 and it will be a new and revolutionary creative direction, supposedly starting tonight. On paper, while some fans will be disappointed TNA are returning to Universal Studios, TNA are making this a great move by taking advantage of the facility's and having a home base. Click here for the full press release.

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