22 October 2013


While watching Bound for Glory on Sunday night I was having a good time interacting with a lot of  TNA fans on Twitter and enjoying what I thought was a pretty good (though not great) pay per view offering from TNA Wrestling. Then I looked at some of the suggestions for hash tags that my phone was giving me: "#Bound for Bankruptcy", "#Bound for Vince's Paycheck","#BFGSucks". These were all trending on Twitter at some point that night or were at least appearing in my timeline. So then I did some investigating and I was blown away by the amount of hate this show was getting, I mean it was bad as I'm sure some of you know. But was all this negative feedback coming from fans who were disappointed in the show itself or was this show Bound for Hate from the beginning?

You see, I looked at Twitter earlier in the day in between reading books with my son, and I saw some interesting tweets from fans that had been re-tweeted on my timeline and it seemed the "fix was in" already. The fine folks out there in Twitter Land were already on their Twitter Machines bashing Bound for Glory even before it happened! I agree, the build up left something to be desired, but when you look at the card on paper, how can you say it was going to suck? Ultimate X, Roode vs. Angle,  and AJ vs. Bully all looked stellar, but yet this show was going to suck and no one should watch it. Then during the show the bash-fest began as Bound for Glory 2013 was the worst pay per view ever and if you were enjoying it you were an idiot. 

There were two things that I had noticed about most of the fans who were trashing the show (no I'm not going to name names) they were either: A. The same people who were saying that BFG was going to suck before it started or B. Were not even watching the pay per view! When you have it in your head that you're not going to like something of course it's going to suck. It'd be like me going to a One Direction concert and then bashing it because it didn't entertain me, why would I go if I didn't like the band in the first place? Makes no sense. Then after the 1D concert I go home and bash American Idol (a show I don't watch) on Twitter because I "hear" it's bad. Seems like a waste of my time and energy, but that's just me. 

I'm not trying to change people's opinion on Bound for Glory, the show had its problems and by no means was it a perfect show, not even a great one. However, the amount and the ferocity of the hate towards the show I think was unwarranted. The question is - why? Is it that certain wrestling fans hate TNA that much? I know the promotion is not the darling of the IWC it was in 2005, but they didn't run over your dog, come on! Is it a case of "it's not the band I hate, it's their fans"? Die hard TNA fans can be aggressive at times because they are passionate about the product (gotta love them), maybe this was a way to stick it to them, trashing the biggest show of the year. Or is it what Andre Corbeil calls "brand whoring"? I don't see how a show with two great matches (Roode vs. Angle and Bully vs. AJ), unpredictable outcomes, and a strong ending, could be a horrible show? Oh I know why, there were empty seats in the arena.

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