01 October 2013

Behind The Curtain Goes Interactive

Here at TNAMecca, we look to provide unique and original content that enhances the experience for you the readers. We have already introduced features such as Ringside, My Impact Experience, The CanAm Wrestling Show and the TNAMecca Pick 'em League, all of which are TNAMecca originals, we now add to that list of unique TNAMecca content.

Behind The Curtain, originally a series focused on the backstage aspect of TNA, will undergo a format change that looks to interact with readers and present your views through this series. There will be two formats for Behind The Curtain, and the format will rotate from one to the other between installments. The first format will take effect in the next edition of Behind The Curtain, this format will give readers the chance to post their questions about a backstage topic in the comments, and in the next edition have them answered by me. The aim is to provide readers with either an answer or more information & opinion on a topic of their choice, as well as spark discussion about a variety of topics in the comments section of each installment.

In the second  format, we will post a list of backstage topics, and ask you to share your thoughts on them. Then in the column, your opinions will be featured, used in for/against arguments and mixed with views & analysis from myself on both the listed topics as well as some of your comments.

We love to have our readers involved in TNAMecca, and we hope these two new formats will further enhance you reading experience. If you have a question concerning a backstage topic in TNA, whether it's about contracts, booking, creative/company direction or anything else you can think of, make sure you post your question(s) in the comments section below. Questions will be accepted until Friday-Saturday and answered sometime next week, so without further delay, fire away!

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