07 October 2013

And the NEW Tag Team Champions....

It's safe to say that the Tag Team scene in TNA has been on the back burner for quite some time now.  It was only natural that some divisions that were featured more before the BFG Series started would take a temporary hiatus, but the once prominent TNA Tag Team Division has been very forgettable for almost 4 months now.  Sure there has been some character development amongst the existing teams like Bro Mans, Bad Influence, Hernandez/Chavo and Gunner/Storm but the division feels very flat.  Someone needs to come to the rescue, and that team in my opinion is Eric Young and Joseph Park.

Now, you've got to understand that "Into the Abyss" is a column dedicated to Chris Parks, Abyss and Joseph Park so of course the focus is on what he is currently doing.  However, even the critics of the team of The Scientist and The Lawyer have began to come around lately.  The team is funny, you have to admit that, but it's looking like more and more that the team has legs and is sticking around for a bit longer than originally expected.  They have even developed a nice little tag team finishing move where Joseph does his middle rope splash (The Cross-Examiner I believe it's called) and EY finishes off the opponent with a top rope Macho Man-style elbow drop.

If you haven't heard the comedic ramblings of TNA's recent podcast episodes, you need to check them out.  I have found myself legitimately laughing several times during each one of them.  The relating point is that EY and Joseph have been heavily featured in a few of the podcast and always deliver.  Jeremy Borash and Christy Hemme do an excellent job going into "the TNA locker-room" to get these hilarious recordings.  EGO, Bully Ray, ODB and others have had great and entertaining interviews/conversations on the podcast, but EY's stuff has been so damn funny.  The podcast where Eric speaks about his "flight boner" condition is stand-up-comedy-club worthy.  On the other hand Mr. Park seems to have invented a new word in place of "self defamation" and now uses the strangely naive "self-defecation" in its place.  If you can't laugh at that, you may need to check yourself.

Some people in TNA Creative must agree with those of us that see Park & EY as a legit tag team.  They are included in the 4-way Tag Team Match at Bound For Glory during the pre-BFG show on Spike TV.  I honestly see them going on to face Gunner & Storm at BFG.  I wouldn't have said that even 2 weeks ago, but I just see things trending that way.  They are over, EY is a cross-over star now, the Abyss/Park storyline needs to move along, and the Gunner/Storm team needs to separate.  Those are all reasons for why this is probably going to happen.  And what am I talking about happening?  That would be Eric Young and Joseph Park as TNA World Tag Team Champions!

Now come on.  Would it really be that bad to have EY & Park as tag champs?  Gunner and Storm haven't necessarily moved the meter during their reign.  And yes Fishing For Justice (the consensus name of this team from my previous column on the duo) would most likely be transitional champions.  It will still be fun to watch and if you can't enjoy this silly stuff for a while, you need to loosen up frankly.  Eventually Abyss is coming back (TNA recently released a new Abyss T-Shirt for example) and Joseph will most likely go away for a while.  Until that occurs, just enjoy Joseph Park while we still have him.  Chris Parks has worked really hard to make this as believable as Suspension-Of-Disbelief will allow. 

So sit back and have some chocolate milk, grow your beard out, and put a track suit on (your choice on what order) because Fishing For Justice is not going away yet.  Can you imagine the promo we will get from these 2 if and when they win the titles?  Pure Gold!  In my mind, I really see this happening so don't be surprised if it comes to fruition.  Both of these men are TNA loyalists to a "T".  They are making a very difficult storyline entertaining.  I will applaud their effort and crazy antics until death (temporarily of Joseph Park) do they part.

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