21 October 2013

And It's All Up From Here

Well I can't say that I was absolutely thrilled for the whole 3 hours of Bound For Glory 2013 in San Diego.  Take my advice though: Back Away from the Ledge.  It's amazing to me how people are so quick to totally bury TNA.  The hate that I see a majority of the IWC show TNA is stunning and frankly it's a sad diatribe of our society as a whole.  No shit there were empty seats, you're not breaking any news by telling the world that.  By now you should know that it's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog.  TNA has plenty of fight yet, and that is personified in AJ Styles.

Now, I will state my thoughts again in a different way: BFG didn't blow my socks off.  Or in other words: It didn't blow my skirt up.  Or yet another way: It wasn't the best PPV of the year.  Most of us agree on that, but it was not as bad as some would lead you to believe.  So spit the horse bit out of your mouth and think for yourself.  Roode VS Angle was a great match.  AJ vs Bully Ray was a great main event.  Bro-Mans are a heat-drawing tag team.  There were a lot of positives in this PPV.  I will concede that there were some not-so-great moments also, but put things in perspective.  TNA is going to right the ship, and it starts this Thursday.

I am going to predict something here that maybe some don't want to hear.  I really believe that some things that could/should have been on BFG last night will be saved for the upcoming tapings.  Whether it's in my home-town of Salt Lake City or later at the Cincinnati tapings.  Something big is going to happen; I just figured it would happen last night.  Instead we still have an obvious shift in direction, but we haven't seen all the details at this point.  Patience young grasshoppers.  All will be revealed soon, it just wasn't meant for Bound For Glory.

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