28 October 2013

AJ's Hiatus Means...

So what is really going on with AJ Styles leaving TNA with the World Title?  Obviously he is going to take the World Championship belt to other countries and other global wrestling organizations.  Where and when is yet to be revealed but if TNA's relationships with Wrestle-1 in Japan, AAA in Mexico and WWL in Puerto Rico prove to be reliable, we will most likely see Styles visit those organizations soon.  There is also the upcoming UK Tour and Styles has already visited Australia and New Zealand in the past during a 2012 promotional tour.  Maybe Europe is also in Styles' future?  After all, there are solid TNA fan-bases in places like Germany and France.  What about South America?  The Middle East?  Africa?  India?  So many possibilities.

What all this means is yet to be revealed (and possibly even determined at this point) but my question is: How long will it be until AJ Styles comes to the Impact Zone?  Will he being doing his World-wide tour for 1 month or 3 months or longer?  How worn out is this man's passport really going to be?  It seems crazy that he would take that much time away from his family.  Nobody outside of TNA knows the duration of the upcoming Impact Zone tenure or how often TNA will have road IMPACTs, but is it possible that AJ Styles might not show up at the Impact Zone until after the UK Tour?  If so, that would translate to Styles staying away from being in the IZ in person until at least the middle of February.  Now, I'm not saying that I know if this is going to be the case, but it does correlate with how plans are shaping up.

In a way, this could be a genius booking strategy.  The whole TNA roster goes back to the Impact Zone to regroup and save the company money while their World Champion literally travels the WORLD and defends his title abroad.  He wouldn't be confined to the small-feel that the Impact Zone puts off and instead fights the best that these global promotions have to offer.  Of course he will probably give us videos and vignette updates that would be shown on IMPACT often.  The exposure and global media coverage that potentially could be generated might be a complete game-changer for TNA IMPACT Wrestling.  So how do you guys think this is going to play out?  Do we see AJ in the Impact Zone in 2013?  When will he return to the organization in person?

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