27 September 2013

Who is on #TeamDixie?

Well, I think it's safe to say that the roles got a little more defined during IMPACT last night amongst Hulk Hogan, AJ Styles and especially Dixie Carter.  Hulk got exposed last night for being, as Dixie put it, "just an employee".  His power is limited and even Hogan has to answer to Dixie.  AJ looked to be the face of the company as Dixie ripped up his "contract", drawing all the heat on herself.  Mrs. Carter looked more comfortable in her heel role and shifted things even more into "sassy-southern-rich-lady-boss" mode.  She is really honing this character and for me it's fun and interesting to watch.

The question now seems to be, "Who is on Team Dixie?".  That question was posed to Hulk last night and he has been given an ultimatum for next week.  Besides the Hogan proposal, who else will end up being on this "Team Dixie"?  One name that has been brought up lately as a possible hired gun for Dixie is Jay Bradley.  He would likely excel in this role as Dixie's bodyguard/muscle.  I thought it was also interesting that Bully Ray was so complementary of Dixie during his promo last night.  Could we see Bully and Ms. Tessmacher join Team Dixie? 

Now don't get me wrong, I don't view Team Dixie as a faction group.  I believe Team Dixie is a way of splitting the roster of those who side with Carter, and those who don't.  I could see someone like a Chris Sabin on her side eventually as his heel turn fits well.  Like a good tug-of-war, the participants have to pick a side.  If Jeff Jarrett comes back to a management role on-screen and off, you could see a Team Jarrett and Team Dixie fight that would translate to very entertaining and compelling television.  Reality woven into storyline with real heat involved has great potential.  So who is on Team Dixie and who would be on Team Jarrett?  Let me know who you see on each side. 

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