08 September 2013

What IF the BFG Main Event doesn't include AJ Styles?

There has been A TON of speculation, rumors and news surrounding AJ Styles and his contract/future with TNA Wrestling in recent weeks.  While it's difficult to separate fact from fiction and reality from "work", the most recent AJ rumor/news is that Styles is re-signed to a short term contract only through Bound For Glory.  Who's to say that AJ isn't actually signed to a contract past BFG (one that would be a new long-term deal)?  To pretend that the IWC knows the exact situation in this regard is pretentious and ridiculous.  Last time I checked, TNA was still a privately owned company that doesn't give those details every single time that someone is re-signed, especially in this kind of scenario where the contract deal is woven into the actual storyline.  The IWC regularly gets "worked" by TNA when reporters mistake rumors and rumblings as facts.
Regardless of the true or false nature of the AJ Styles contract deal, the question still remains: What IF the BFG Main Event doesn't include AJ Styles?  That is a damn good question if you really think about it.  It's a question that makes the outcome of the No Surrender Aries vs. Styles match ultra-important, and the subsequent BFG Series Finale that same night just as important (given that AJ beats Aries that is).  To me, it will be a good indicator of where things are REALLY at with AJ Styles if he does not make it to Bound For Glory in the Main Event to face the World Champion at that time...........or will it?

All of the AJ Styles stuff is almost impossible to take for granted or predict.  TNA also has a long history of swerving the internet smarks and going in a different direction.  Would it be more effective to have AJ go on to BFG and win the Title, or instead get some real buzz going by having him not win the title or not even make it to the BFG main event?  Even if AJ is secretly signed to a new contract, they could have him lose at No Surrender or BFG and go a totally different route storyline-wise.  Maybe he wins the title shortly after BFG at an IMPACT (ala Bobby Roode post-BFG 2011).  Only time will tell, but keep in mind that nothing is guaranteed in this AJ Styles situation and none of us should pretend that we do know.  However, I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject below.

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