23 September 2013

UPDATE: Mr. Anderson & Mickie James Removed from TNA Roster

After rumours of both Mr Anderson & Mickie James' current contracts coming to an end this month, both performers have been removed from the roster page. Normally when TNA removes someone from their roster page, it is confirmation of their departure from the company. It's disappointing in both cases, as James' character over the Summer had been some of the best in her career, and made her a joy to watch as Knockouts Champion. Mr Anderson in his last two appearances had shown glimpses of the Anderson who became one of TNA's top stars back in 2010/11, and looked to be working hard to get back to being one of TNA's top babyfaces. Hopefully this is just a formality and both performers are still in negotiations to sign new deals, as both could be valuable assets to TNA going forward after doing some of their best work in some time.

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