13 September 2013

UPDATE: Final Attendance Numbers for No Surrender

Since the on-sale launch, I have been tracking sales for tonight's No Surrender/Impact in St Louis. Normally I would have an exact number that would be accurate as of sales being taken down, however there have been several issues over the last 24 hours.

This week, there has been constant changes to the set-up and tickets prices for tonight's show. On Monday, the available sections in the upper bowl of the arena were taken off sale and yesterday, sales were taken down to change the pricing of some sections.  Since this change, there has been problems accessing the interactive chart on Ticketmaster. The last time I was able to update the report was last night, so here is a breakdown of sales as of last night.

Section Total Available Sold
Knockouts 33 0 33
Floor 1 96 13 83
Floor 2 96 2 94
Floor 3 80 0 80
Floor 4 128 19 109
Floor 5 80 25 55
Section 103 360 266 94
Section 104 360 226 134
Section 105 269 185 84
Section 106 141 90 51
Section 107 121 42 79
Section 108 330 23 307
Section 110 327 77 250

The number of tickets sold as of last night was 1453, with 968 still available. Earlier today underneath the event listing on Ticketmaster it said "Not Many Left". In my experience when that message appears, there are about 500 or under tickets left. With the promotion that Hulk Hogan has been doing the last two days in St. Louis, it sounds about right that they have moved about 500 tickets in the last 24 hours, which would take the number to around 2000 sold.

It's also worth noting that as of about an hour or two before sales were taken down, both $15 & $25 tickets were unavailable. Normally during the final day of sales, TNA make the $15 & $25 tickets the most available in an attempt to increase sales. This would confirm that a fair few tickets have been sold.

My well informed estimate as of this moment is about 2000 tickets sold going into tonight's event. It's not been one of the best Impacts sales-wise, but depending on the walk-up crowd it could drive the number up and make it look better on TV. After I watch the show and see the attendance and what sections are filled, I will use the numbers I have for the sections and post a final attendance number tomorrow.

UPDATE: After making observations of the sections last night and using the data, the final number I have for the attendance last night is just over 1900. It's not the greatest attendance number, however the crowd made up for it with their enthusiasm and reactions throughout the show.

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