26 September 2013

TNA Thursday Randomania - Sept 26, 2013

- Tonight's Impact Live is one of the most anticipated shows of the year, in my opinion.  All week we've been speculating on how the Dixie Carter vs AJ Styles conflict will play out so it'll be interesting to see what happens next.  It is supposedly Hulk Hogan's turn to speak his mind tonight, and as GM of Impact Wrestling, his opinion will most certainly provoke a reaction, presumably from Dixie Carter.

- Speaking of Hulk Hogan, his contract will reportedly expire on October 1st so I imagine we will get some indication on how contract negotiations are going tonight.  Personally, I'd like to see Dixie Carter "fire" Hogan.

- Some sites reported yesterday that the Aces and 8s vs Main Event Mafia six-man tag is a Lights Out match.  This is incorrect.  There is no stipulation or gimmick added to this match.

- There is speculation that a new Knockout might be debuting tonight as part of the Bro Mans' search to find a female wrestler to tag with them against Joseph Park, Eric Young, and ODB.  I can't imagine any current Knockout on the roster would tag with them, including Gail Kim, so more than likely it will be a new or returning female talent.  I mentioned on social media, this week, that Santana Garrett would be a good fit.

- Incidentally, is it me or has pro wrestling been inundated with six-man tag matches lately?  I must say, I have six-man tag match fatigue.  Switch it up, guys.

- One of the more interesting aspects of tonight will be the Chris Sabin vs Manik match for the X Division titile.  I feel like I say this every few months but I'm starving for a real X Division feud with character development and storyline progression.  Why is it such a difficult task to dedicate one full segment per week to the X Division stars, whether it'd be a match or in-ring promo?  If Dixie Carter and TNA needed any more proof that viewers want to see more of the X Division, all they have to do is examine the viewership of the three free PPVs on Impact.  Destination X, of the three, drew the most viewers.

- Speaking of the Sabin vs Manik feud, I'm curious to see what role Jeff Hardy plays in it. Like RVD before him, I'm not sure I want to see Hardy in the X Division.  Yes, his involvement will elevate the division but at what cost.  The same argument was made when RVD won the X Division title.  His title reign was as insignificant as any in the company's history, and he put no one over.  The rub that Kenny King received from his defeat of RVD was minimal at best.

- And finally, many fans are eager to see new faces join TNA, as am I, but the reality is that most, if not all, will most likely debut or return at Bound for Glory or after.  With that said, I can see a new Knockout debuting soon and targeting ODB.  Or, a new tag team with their eyes on the tag team titles.  It's certainly possible.

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