26 September 2013

Thoughts on Potential X Division Additions & Changes

A couple of days ago PWInsider reported that AJ Styles' promo from last week where he mentioned several former X Division stars was possibly foreshadowing the return of several former talents, as well as maybe some new recruits. It was also reported some time last week that TNA were looking to elevate the X Division and current champion Manik, this is the reason behind the Manik vs Jeff Hardy match last week and tonight's X Division Title match between Manik and former World Champion Chris Sabin.

After making several appearances throughout the year, I'm hopeful both Petey Williams and Sonjay Dutt become regulars on TNA TV once again. They would be solid members of the division and could also temporarily fill a void in the tag division either together or with other partners. Homicide is another name that comes to mind, but if he were to return, I'd rather it be for an LAX reunion.

I'm optimistic for more involvement from both Chris Sabin and Jeff Hardy. On paper, Sabin returning to the X Division after losing the World Title is a step down and could be classed as the end of his push over the Summer. But with Jeff's potential involvement, it shows how Sabin is regarded as a big part of elevating the division along with Hardy. I suggested a long time ago of possibly putting the X Division on a level playing field with the Heavyweight division, re-enforcing the weight classes and establishing two top TNA titles that have a storied history and obvious differences. I doubt that will actually happen, but taking the approach of gradually integrating top stars into the division and building it up as a main part of the product before making the official change would be a perfect approach.

Looking at the X Division right now, the roster is small but contains some top talent, lead by current champion Manik, you have the possible new additions of Jeff Hardy and Chris Sabin, along with currently off TV Kenny King & Zema Ion. Those names along with the potential names that could both return and debut could create a solid X Division roster. While we have heard this X Division re-boot story multiple times, I have some faith in this new team and their creative direction, which seems more accepting of the IWC's opinions and suggestions, creating some very good stories and match-ups in the last few months. Since the departure of Bruce Prichard, we have seen Chris Sabin win the World Title, the formation of EGO, the AJ Styles transformation and the new twist on his character, the Dixie Carter/AJ face off as well as many great matches and feuds. I may be hopeful, but new talent and a new approach to how the X Division is perceived is something I hope comes to fruition over the course of the next few weeks and months.    

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