27 September 2013

The Identity of New TNA Talent?

As you all know, there was a brief vignette that appeared during last night's Impact announcing the arrival of a new TNA wrestler named Ethan.  "Ethan is Coming", read the caption.  We do not know his identity nor has their been any announcement by TNA thus far.  However, there have been some details that emerged after the show, giving us perhaps a hint on whom the new wrestler might be.  A young indie wrestler known as Ethan HD tweeted the following late last night on his official Twitter account:

Coincidentally, Ethan HD's profile is also featured on the TNA Gutcheck site so it appears that he's been on the company's radar.  And finally, his nickname in the indies is "The Chi-town Urban Emperor", which would certainly fit the bling-themed name we saw on Impact.  Again, this is all speculation until we hear something official from TNA but there are quite a few coincidences to indicate that Ethan HD is indeed the newest member of the Impact Wrestling roster.

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