16 September 2013

Return of The Pope?

Last week it was reported that former TNA wrestler "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero (aka Elijah Burke) made his return to Ohio Valley Wrestling winning the company's T.V. title. Of course, with OVW being TNA's developmental territory, this led to speculation that Pope may be headed back to TNA, especially since he won a championship. Now, just because he is working in Ohio Valley doesn't necessarily mean he is on his way back (we see a few wrestlers that TNA recently released still working shows there) but it means that there is a possibility he could work for the company again. 

I always felt Pope was a great character that had no direction; flip flopping from heel to face seemingly every week. He was always popular, but usually just sort of there. He was hot in 2010 when he was put into a title match with then champion AJ Styles at Lockdown, but come 2011 he was in two of the worst TNA feuds in recent memory. One with Samoa Joe; where Joe hired Okada to follow Pope with a camera and reveal his secrets (I still don't get why Joe wanted to do that) and then with Devon, where Pope tried to steal his family (Why Pope Why?).  Now, he's been gone for almost a year and I'm sure fans would love to see a return of The Pope, but TNA needs to have a direction for him. I think one angle that they could do is with Sting. Pope's character pushes the envelope on religion, this could have some reality worked into it with Sting's personal beliefs, the promos alone could be riveting. There is also the potential for his revenge on the Aces and Eights for "injuring" his shoulder, putting him out for almost a year.  Pope vs. Aries, Hardy, AJ, Daniels, Joe (minus the Japanese man with the camera), Manik or even Joseph Park could all be money feuds because we all know Pope can equal Dinero. 

However, is there room for Pope on the roster right now? Perhaps if Mr. Anderson doesn't renew his contract they could have a spot for him. He could be saved for a big post Bound for Glory return; word is that Bruce Prichard's "creative arc" is over at BFG, perhaps Pope returns as a way for the new team to shake things up. I do feel that TNA does need to bring in a some new faces to give the show some new match ups and Pope would be a great guy to use in that respect, plus he is a fresh character now; fresh, but also familiar and that's pimpin'.

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