10 September 2013

PREVIEW: Magnus vs. Bobby Roode - BFG Series Semi-Final

This Semi-Final match is very interesting, as you have an ex-World Champion with the longest title reign in company history with Roode in one corner.  In the other corner, you have a future World Champion with a huge upside in Magnus.  This bout is totally unpredictable, and that's exactly how it should be with the BFG Series wrapping up.  Will fellow EGO members Kaz and Daniels get involved to help out the "It Factor" in getting to the Finals?  Will the MEM balance out that potential EGO interference and keep them at bay?  TNA fans are divided on whether or not this is Magnus' time to be in the spotlight. However, the fact that he is in the Final Four and was in command of the BFG Series standings this year (until a snafu prevented him from having a final match) speaks volumes about his future in TNA.  Bobby Roode has vowed to do "whatever it takes" to win the BFG Series, which creates a daunting task for the younger brute Magnus, as Roode has been pulling some dirty tricks in the last few weeks to gain points.  This figures to be an amazing nail-biter of a fight as either man would be a great #1 contender to the World Title.

Big Dawg
"To me, the logical choice to win this match is Bobby Roode with his 'win-at-all-costs' mentality as of late.  Magnus has a bright future, it just isn't now.  Roode wins to go to the Finals."

Nick Mann
"I'm going with Roode on this one with help from E.G.O or the Aces and Eights. It would give E.G.O an 'ego boost' to have a member in the finals. Should be a good match."

"Last week they hinted the very likely involvement of EGO and the Main Event Mafia, and while the Mafia have the numbers over EGO, I see the Aces & 8's using this distraction from EGO to attack the Mafia, freeing up Daniels & Kazarian to somehow help Roode advance to the BFG Series Final later in the night."

"This one's tough for me simply because both men are quite capable of advancing to the final, but I think ultimately, one man needs this win: Bobby Roode.  EGO are a relatively new faction that needs legit victories and this is one of them."

The immediate ramification is obviously getting into the BFG Finale to face the winner of AJ vs. Aries.  However, Magnus winning could mean that the rocket that has been strapped to his back for the last few months will continue to carry him to the promised land.  A win by Bobby Roode would reestablish him as "The Leader of The Selfish Generation" at the top of TNA.  Whoever loses will not be totally devastated, as both men most likely will eventually get a World Title shot.  This is the creme de la crème though, and nobody wants to be eliminated.  The winner will have an instantly elevated status within TNA's main event scene.   

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