12 September 2013

PREVIEW: Bully Ray vs. Mr. Anderson - TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Bully Ray has been on a tear as TNA World Heavyweight Champion and much of that has to do with him being the President of TNA's faux biker club the Aces and Eights. Mr. Anderson has had his character go through a bit of a change since joining the club late last year. Gone were the dropping mic and the echo of his name, now he is more of a thug with a new swagger about him, moving up the ranks to become Bully's "number 2 man." Lately, there has been friction between the President and his new V.P culminating in Anderson abandoning Bully in his loss to Sting recently. When Hulk Hogan announced that a member of the Aces and Eights would challenge for the title at No Surrender, I don't think anyone was surprised to see Mr. Anderson step up to the plate showing us some signs of the old Mr. Anderson...Anderson. These two had a great match at Bound for Glory 2011 and one would expect the same type of wild brawl here (we'll likely see one of those last minute changes to a no DQ match). Other matches on the card may have more in the work rate department, but this match has story, intrigue and two big names battling it out for TNA's biggest prize.

Nick Mann
"I never thought I would be excited to see Mr. Anderson in a World title match again, but I am very intrigued by this one. While I'd love to play out the scenarios of Anderson winning, I think Bully will walk away with the title this time."

"While I could see this one going either way, I see Bully picking up the win. An Anderson win could be an interesting turn going into Bound For Glory, but I think Bully Ray is the man going to San Diego as Champion."

Big Dawg
"The Bully Ray fan in me wants to see him win and be in the Main Event of Bound For Glory.  However, Mr. Anderson is a more-than-worthy opponent and his verbal tirade at the end of last Thursday's IMPACT was simply amazing.  I think Mr. Anderson will be in the drivers seat, only to be back-stabbed by the existing members of A's & 8's or Tito or a new member.  Bully wins."

"Part of me wonders whether there's a chance TNA could actually take the belt off Bully Ray to set up a match against Hulk Hogan at Bound for Glory, leaving Mr. Anderson to defend the title at BFG.  I don't think this scenario, however, is very likely.  I will go with Bully Ray here."

This match might have more ramifications on the Aces and Eights than on Bound for Glory. Who are Knux, Bischoff and Brisco going to side with? Will there be an Aces and Eights "Wolfpac"? While it seems a lock that Bully Ray will win, TNA has proven to be the land of unpredictability before, remember when everyone was sure that Robert Roode would face James Storm for the World title last year? Who knows, maybe we see a new champion at No Surrender and his name may be Anderson...Anderson. This could leave Bully open for a match with Hogan which has been rumored.

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