06 September 2013

Jay Bradley: A Hired Gun...for Whom?

Last night on Impact, Jay Bradley announced that he had been hired by a certain organization to essentially take out one individual in the BFG Series gauntlet match.  It was quite an interesting development simply because Bradley's character, although clearly a heel, hadn't been well-defined until now.  That's not to say that his character made much progression last night but it was a good start.  Equally as interesting is the motive behind Bradley's actions, claiming that he was paid a good amount of money to prevent one particular wrestler from winning last night's gauntlet match.  That wrestler, presumably, is AJ Styles.  But which organization would ultimately have the most to gain by making sure Styles isn't in a position to compete in the BFG Series final four next week.  The Aces and 8s immediately come to mind as it's something they've done before - if I recall, they paid off Bobby Roode, last year, to hurt Jeff Hardy.  But I'm not so sure the Aces and 8s would target only one individual in a match featuring several of whom are gunning for them, including Magnus, Samoa Joe, and Jeff Hardy.  So I turn my attention to EGO, based on their history with Styles and their desire to add another one of their members to the final four.  Not a single time, however, did Jay Bradley and the members of EGO appear to work together during the match.  So who hired Jay Bradley to target AJ Styles?  I suspect that it was neither the Aces and 8s or EGO.  I also do not believe it was the Main Even Mafia.  So who's left?  Could it be that a secret organization is targeting AJ Styles, the face of TNA?

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