23 September 2013

Dixie Carter vs AJ Styles: Who's the Bad Guy?

Since last Thursday, I've watched the segment between Dixie Carter and AJ Styles a handful of times - TNA have generously posted the segment in its entirety on Youtube - and I must say, I'm having a difficult time picking a side here.  Much has been said, in recent days, about Dixie's supposed heel turn but I'm not quite sure there's a clear bad guy in this equation.  In fact, both made valid points.  I noted in my Impact review, this week, that the line that's been drawn in this conflict is that of two fanbases - the old school TNA fans vs the Hogan-era Impact Wrestling fans.  Let's begin with AJ Styles' frustrations.  As TNAMecca supporter Tyler Gale noted recently on Twitter, the chronology of his events are a bit off but I think his point still stands.  Look no further than the Hogan era, circa early 2010, when talented wrestlers such as Christopher Daniels and Desmond Wolfe were essentially pushed aside in favor of Sean Morley, Orlando Jordan, and others.  That's not to say that the trend started when Hulk Hogan arrived but it was arguably the most blatant example of Styles' argument.  Conversely, Dixie Carter's anger, I believe, was warranted. After shunning and disrespecting her and everyone in TNA for months, Styles publicly attacked her credentials and questioned her ability to run her company upon his return to Impact.  Yes, he's been back for a few months but he has said very little until now.  It's clear to me that he waited to guarantee himself a world title shot at Bound for Glory before going in for the kill.  I don't think either Dixie Carter or AJ Styles is a heel.  Both have legitimate reasons to resent the other.  It's now up to the fans to decide whose side they are on.  I like both of them, and I feel that they've each earned my respect for different reasons.  For this reason, I will take neither side...for now.

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