11 October 2013

REMINDER: Pick 'em League - Deadline Oct 14th!

As you may know, last month marked TNAMecca's one month anniversary. In our first month, we have accomplished many things. The most recent being the premiere of the CanAm Wrestling Show, hosted by our own Andre Corbeil and our newest addition Big Ray. Recently, we announced yet a new and exclusive feature to TNAMecca - the launch of the TNAMecca Pick 'Em League. 

Here at TNAMecca, we aim to create as much interactivity between fellow TNA fans. With the launch of the TNAMecca Pick 'Em League, we hope to add a fun and unique experience for readers where they can share their predictions and add a special element to a common aspect in the Internet Wrestling Community.

Season One of the League will begin with Bound For Glory, and the last event of the season will be Lockdown 2014. Participants will be asked to predict the results of matches on TNA PPVs, free PPVs on Impact, and any match TNAMecca announces beforehand. All picks for an event must be made before the designated deadline, any picks after the deadline will not be processed.

A correct prediction is worth 3 points, a Draw, Double DQ, or Double Countout is worth 1 point. Participants are advised to make predictions for all announced matches to have a chance of winning the league's top prize. The winner of Season One shall be announced the day after Lockdown 2014 and will receive a gift card, worth $20. All participants must be registered by Monday, October 14th. If you would like to register now simply fill out the registration form below.

We hope that you join us in participating in the TNAMecca Pick 'Em League, Season One. And to those that do, we wish you the best of luck!


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