23 August 2013

Who Should be on the IMPACT Broadcast Team? Mike Tenay? Taz? Jeremy Borash?

With all of the recent shuffling of the TNA commentators in the last 2 months, the question is often posed: Who should be on the IMPACT broadcast team?  This seems to be a very controversial topic when it comes to the differing fan preferences.  Some people despise Mike Tenay, even though he has been the voice of TNA since the very 1st show.  It's true that Tenay has shown dedication and loyalty to the company, but his time seems to be coming to an end in the near future.  His lack of enthusiasm and attention to detail are very noticeable in the last few years, and at times it drags down the overall product.  He deserves to go out on his own terms since he is a TNA original, but I'm not the only one who hopes that day comes sooner than later.
Taz has also proven to be a completely polarizing color commentator for TNA, especially since his reveal as a member of Aces & Eights.  The hate for Taz that has been exuded from fans on Twitter and various comment sections has been overwhelming at times.  Since his contract renewal, he seems to be more entertaining and less annoying but the bickering between himself and Tenay becomes very distracting and unnecessary way too often.  Taz does have a certain niche with the audience, but his chemistry with Tenay is getting frequently unbearable .

Jeremy Borash most definitely receives the least amount of criticism out of the 3 broadcasters.  He is knowledgeable about the product and very familiar with the wrestlers and their move-sets.  JB brings refreshing elements of enthusiasm and newness that I believe really connects with the audience.  Being a TNA original, JB is very committed to TNA succeeding and surely has been biding his time to fill the seat of the aging Mike Tenay.  Borash is the best commentator of the 3, and the dynamic between himself and Taz translates well on TV. 

So who would you want as your ideal broadcast team?  Taz and Borash?  Tenay and Borash?  Taz and Tenay?  Maybe a combination with someone else like Todd Keneley or Don West (very unlikely that Don will ever return)?  What about an outsider like a Matt Striker?  What about a former TNA performer like Raven or Scott D'Amore?  Let me know what your ideal combination would be in TNA right now.  If I had to chose a realistic 2 man team going forward it would be JB and Taz.

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