13 August 2013

TNA News & Rumors - August 13th

  • Kurt Angle will not be at this Thursday's Impact taping in Norfolk, VA as Angle is currently in rehab.  He is not scheduled to return to TNA anytime soon.
  • There is a lot of talk of new talents coming to TNA, however nobody has been named officially just yet.
  • Apparently TNA last week sent a memo out to all talent advising them on how to conduct themselves on social media.
  • Jeremy Borash, Knockouts Champion Mickie James and Magnus will be at a signing at Direct Auto tomorrow in Norfolk, VA to promote this Thursday's Hardcore Justice/Impact Wrestling taping in the city.
Courtesy of PWInsider

Thoughts: I don't think anyone is surprised that Angle won't be back anytime soon. I think this was just to clarify after some speculated he would return in the 5 vs 5 match after it was pushed back a week, which makes no difference because of the 8/22 show being taped this Thursday.

The talk of new TNA talent continues. Names such as the American Wolves, Generation Me and others are constantly being linked with TNA, however no names have been confirmed to be coming in. So for now, the speculation will continue.

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