20 August 2013

Thoughts on the Change to the X Division

Earlier today, Hulk Hogan announced via Twitter that the X Division would be returning back to the standard 1 vs 1 match set-up. It's been five months since the X Division underwent its “evolution” where all matches would be Three ways, and a qualifying match would determine who could challenge for the Title.

I liked the change at first, as it put a renewed focus on the X Division. It also re-enforced the sports appeal of the X Division by having participants have to earn their title shots, and making wins and losses a vital part to someone's success. The three way rule brought back several names to the division including Petey Williams, Sonjay Dutt, Homicide & Suicide. And created an open door for new and familiar faces to appear for a short time. The matches were different and were very exciting, however after a while, coming from a guy who was reviewing the division weekly at the time, the match structures became identical. While they were good, they became very repetitive.
Nobody really had the chance to shine in the matches, and the three way rule limited the storyline aspect of the division. I was a fan of the whole mindset of wins and losses being all or nothing in the division, as it had the potential to see storylines and characters develop depending on wrestlers win/loss record, similar to what we have seen with Bobby Roode in the BFG Series. I hoped they would implement some form of rankings table too, which could set up several storylines with the premise being individuals being in competition with on another to advance/maintain a certain spot.

I'm happy with the change back to standard 1 vs 1 matches. After what the three ways delivered, it made sense. Standard match-ups don't have any real limitations, and when the time comes to have a multi-man match, the three way will feel more special and it gives them room to have more than just three participants in a match. We can also see matches with some form of storyline reappear, which will be nice to have again in the division, especially with the unique champion TJ Perkins/Manik. Maybe we could get some form of ranking table implemented, although that might be wishful thinking from me. In my eyes, the change is good, the three way handcuffs are off and the X Division is free to entertain in the multiple ways it did before.

So what do you guys think about the change, Will you miss the three way set-up? Are you happy the old X Division is back? Share your thoughts in the comments below, I'm sure opinions will vary, but the different viewpoints may be eye opening and may even change your opinion. Fire away!

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