18 August 2013

Thoughts on the BFG Series & the E.G.O. Influence

This past Thursday, TNA's latest faction E.G.O. made their mark on the BFG Series after members Kazarian and Bobby Roode both earned 20 points to move into 8th and 2nd place respectively. This new combination of Daniels, Kazarian & Roode is great for the BFG Series in my eyes. The series so far has produced some great matches, but hasn't really been as interesting as expected until now. Roode's resurgence and Kazarian's elevation has narrowed the field dramatically for the last few weeks of the series.
As of right now, 9 of the 12 participants are close enough to secure a place in the final four by September 12th. It has to be said this has to be the closest BFG Series in its three year existence. While Magnus may sit at the top with 39 points, one or two losses and wins by several behind him could easily see him slip down the leader board in dramatic fashion. The formation and game-plan of E.G.O. has certainly changed the landscape of the series, and will continue to do so in the next few weeks, as those who have to face either member of E.G.O. will have to face all three.

I think with the introduction of this new group, the Bound For Glory Series will have the most intriguing finish ever when it comes down to the final four. Nine are in reach of one of those coveted Final Four spots, and with three of them willing to do everything they can to take as many of those spots as possible, predicting this year's finalists and overall winner may become harder than it seems.

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