20 August 2013

The Scientist and The Lawyer

"The Scientist and The Lawyer"

There is a storied history of comedic duos that have entertained us throughout history.  Early examples of these duos are Laurel and Hardy from silent film days, and Abbott & Costello with their famous "Who's on 1st" routine.  Cheech and Chong have entertained us with their stoner antics for decades, while Chris Farley and David Spade were hilarious in their short cinema stint.  In pro-wrestling, The Bushwhackers made me laugh every time they performed as they made their way to the ring with arms flailing and face-licking their fans like only they could do.  Edge and Christian had some humorous moments during their tenure as a tag team, as did an unlikely pairing of Chris Jericho and his side-kick Ralphus.

And now we have the wonderfully clever partnership of Eric Young, The Scientist, and Joseph Park, The Lawyer!  This comedic duo has the potential to be a hysterical tandem that could be just what the doctor ordered in a depleted tag team division.  I know The Bro Mans have already began establishing themselves in a similar comedy niche, but I personally am more intrigued by the EY/Park pairing because of the multiple layers contained in their storyline.  And who's to say that Bro-Mans and EY/Park cannot have a nice little mini-feud? 

We also have the highly-entertaining Bad influence team of Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian, but they are also a different animal than EY & Joe Park.  Plus neither member of Best Coast Boogeymen have the sweet beard that Eric sports nor the ability to kayfabe and rib like Joseph!  Young & Park, as a unit, have the potential to tackle unsolved mysteries at TNA, while performing multiple experiments and conducting many depositions.  Maybe Park would be able to overcome his Green Hornet status if he had a sip or 2 of Daniels' appletini? 

The Scientist and The Lawyer have problem-solving skills that few possess, which will come in handy when charged with the monumental task of figuring out exactly what is going on with Joseph.  Thank goodness that EY has came to the aide of JP, otherwise Park would have just kept right on bleeding and snapping and bleeding and snapping with no explanation in sight.  But now things have finally began shifting into another gear.  It's time for Eric to form a hypothesis, and he has already taken 2 steps in doing so:

1.  He confiscated Joseph's I-Pad with sensitive materials contained within.  After careful study of the contents, EY came to the conclusion that when Joseph bleeds, he snaps.  It almost like he turns into another person in a fit of rage when the crimson mask is draped across his face.  Who would have thunk it?  While this is already blatantly obvious to the audience, they made the backstage segment with this educated theory fun and entertaining with their superb chemistry.

2.  After determining that Joseph seeing his own blood has caused him past issues, Eric issued a solution in the form of protective headgear (and why not?!).  By golly, Eric proved himself to be a smart S.O.B. as not only did the headgear protect Joseph from bleeding but it helped him get 7 points in a BFG Series win over Jay Bradley.  The real question is, will the head gear be a permanent fixture for this veteran of the court room?  I wouldn't mind it, as it provided some legit giggling from yours truly.

What will be the next step in EY's quest to help Joseph get to the bottom of all of this?  Where does this dynamic duo go from here?  The sky is the limit!  Well actually, first they have to actually have a tag team match I suppose.......then a tag team name would be in order.  Any ideas on a tag team name for this two-some?  Here are a couple that have rolled through my head (let me know if you like any of these options):

Angler & Advocate
Scientific Counsel
Legal Researchers
Fishing For Justice

Let me know if you like any of those or if you have a better one, leave it in the comment section below.  One thing is for sure, I cannot wait to see what this duo's next step will be, and I'm not alone.  We are getting some much needed progression in the story of Joseph Park while being able to have some laughs along the way.  After the BFG Series is whittled down to the Final Four, the consensus amongst some fans is that the tag-team division will receive some much needed attention again.  The formation of teams comprised of eliminated BFG Series members seems like a logical direction.  Why not put these 2 together and see what happens?  My guess is that they would get a great reaction from LIVE crowds and TV audiences alike with their antics and shenanigans. 

So I would like to officially place my bet on The Scientist and The Lawyer.......what's the worst thing that could happen?  This comedic team represents what we, as pro-wrestling fans, lose sight of at times; having fun with it and laughing!  If you spend too much time analyzing ratings and criticizing the booking and explaining why a match is 4 stars instead of 4 1/ may just be spinning your wheels on wrestling fandom.  So next time EY & Joseph have one of their crazy backstage segments, just sit back and enjoy.  And maybe, just maybe, eventually they will be able to focus their combined intelligences to find that elusive Chris Parks, you know, Abyss?  Until then relish in the fun.

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