13 August 2013

The Briscoes to Sign with TNA?

It was rumored, recently, that TNA has offered the Briscoes a contract.  It's an interesting development simply because the discussion among wrestling fans has focused mostly on the American Wolves, who are expected to become free agents on August 18th, and the Young Bucks, who are free to sign with the company at any time. I wonder, why haven't the Briscoes garnered as much attention as the other two tag teams, particularly since it appears that TNA could very well have the most interest in them, if the rumor of an offer being made is true.  Of the teams mentioned above, I believe the Briscoes would make an immediate impact, especially if a feud with James Storm and Gunner is the initial plan.  Although I'd like to see TNA sign the Briscoes, I feel that they could be a long term liability.  The reality is the moment the Briscoes sign on the dotted line, they officially represent TNA, and no amount of clauses in their contracts will minimize the liability if Jay Briscoe were to, once again, spew his venom on social media.  With that said, Dixie Carter and TNA appear to be willing to take that risk.  Interestingly enough, I don't think I completely disapprove.

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