28 August 2013

Should TNA avoid Talent from Ring of Honor?

I confess, anytime there's a rumor regarding a Ring of Honor talent possibly signing with TNA, I get excited simply because it's a natural reaction, particularly if you're a fan of the indies like I am.  Such is the case of the recent rumors involving the American Wolves and the Briscoes.  But I find that my excitement level significantly drops when I further explore the possibilities.  Let's examine the reasons why.  For one, the reality is that most ROH wrestlers, particularly those in their prime, see the WWE, not TNA, as the next logical step in their career.  It's a belief that is ingrained in them as they move up the ranks in ROH, so much so, that the third largest wrestling promotion might as well be the developmental territory of the WWE.  So, in theory, TNA are at a disadvantage before the pursuit of talent even begins.

Secondly, ROH talent that is willing to explore a career elsewhere could most likely command a deal that's worth more than TNA can agree to, especially if a bidding war with the WWE ensues.  Let's be honest, if the WWE has a genuine interest in signing an ROH talent, it leaves TNA with very few options, if any.  With this in mind, I think it'd be in the company's best interest to fully commit to scouting the indies for non-ROH talent, which is better suited for TNA - not only from a financial standpoint but also in terms of logistics.

Yesterday, I mentioned Tim Donst as a wrestler who can be signed immediately, come in, and fill a need.  The same can be said for Gran Akuma and Jigsaw (formerly of Chikara), Willie Mack (of PWG), Jamin Olivencia (of OVW), and of course, the Young Bucks.  Don't get me wrong...I would love to see TNA sign the American Wolves and the Briscoes but the fact remains that the odds are, unfortunately, not in their favor.

If you needed more proof, simply turn your attention to Florida, this week, where the American Wolves will, reportedly, be appearing at a WWE tryout.

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