22 August 2013

RUMOR: TNA Star Contract to Expire in September?

According to PWInsider, the contract of AJ Styles is set to expire in September and TNA has yet to reach an agreement with one of their top stars.  This is odd indeed but I can't imagine a scenario in which TNA allow him to become a free agent or AJ Styles doesn't give the company every opportunity to sign him (a la Bobby Roode).  Suffice it to say, it would be devastating to see a talent the caliber of AJ Styles depart the company at a time when it least needs the negative publicity.  Let's also keep in mind that PWInsider, as legit as they are, are quite clearly overstating some aspects of this rumor simply for the dramatic effect.

UPDATE: PWInsider is now reporting that TNA and AJ Styles have had ongoing talks in regards to his contract but that there is a feeling within TNA management that Styles might've simply priced himself out of a new deal with the company.  This is unfortunate if true and a hard pill to swallow as a TNA fan but the company needs to do everything it can to have long term success.  As the report claims, TNA can hire four or five young talents who can develop into the next wave of stars with the money they'd give to Styles.

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