13 August 2013

PREVIEW: Bound For Glory Series Tables Match - Magnus vs Samoa Joe vs Bobby Roode vs Mr. Anderson

HardCore Justice just got more hardcore with the recent addition of this big 4-Man Tables Match.  With the Bound For Glory Series in full swing, it's safe to say that Samoa Joe, Magnus, Bobby Roode and Mr. Anderson will all do whatever it takes to get these 20 BFG Series points at stake.  Emotions will be high as all 4 competitors are on a collision course, with the loser being sent through a slab of wood with extreme velocity.  Representatives from 3 different factions will step into the squared circle to scratch and claw for the victory.  Who will get the points and climb further up the leader board?

"I think with the way that Booby Roode has shown that he is back to his old tricks that he will come out victorious in this match.  Most likely, his fellow E.G.O. members Daniels and Kazarian will have a part to play in the "It Factor" picking up 20 BFG Series points in this one"

"This could be know as the match of factions. Mr Anderson of The Aces & 8's, E.G.O.'s Bobby Roode and Joe & Magnus both representing the Main Event Mafia. While all four have stable-mates to even the odds, I predict that after all three factions get involved, MEM & The Aces & 8's focus on one another, allowing Bad Influence to help Bobby Roode put one of his opponents through a table and get the victory."

"I'm sensing a huge night for the newly-formed EGO so I expect Bobby Roode to come out on top in this with the help of his new alliance."

The matches where 20 points are up for grabs have extreme importance heading in to the biggest Pay-Per-View of the year at Bound For Glory.  Magnus could move back to a commanding lead with a "W".  Roode needs these points to keep hope alive for him to finish in the Top 4.  Samoa Joe could move into 1st place if he wins.  Mr. Anderson winning could go a long ways to securing a spot for him in the Top 4.  A big chunk of the BFG Series will be determined by this violent table match at HardCore Justice!

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