14 August 2013

PREVIEW: Bound For Glory Series Ladder Match - AJ Styles vs Jeff Hardy vs Austin Aries vs Kazarian

The finish line of the Bound For Glory Series is starting to come into sight. With the end of this gruelling tournament almost upon us, TNA management have once again capitalised on the HardCore Justice event by booking a Four Way Ladder match with 20 BFG Series points literally hanging in the balance. Out of the twelve BFG Series participants, Hulk Hogan and his staff have chosen four men who would make up a modern day dream match with the perfect stipulation. Three of the greatest high flyers of the modern era, AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy & Austin Aries, along with rising star Kazarian will do battle for 20 points in what could be the match of the night, and even of the year.

"This is a match were anything could happen, and anyone could win. I have to say out of the four, I think Kazarian will get the shock win with the help of his new partners in crime Christopher Daniels & Bobby Roode."

"At first glance, Kazarian seems to be the odd man out but I can see a scenario in which Bobby Roode and Christopher Daniels help him win.  My gut, however, tells me that AJ Styles will prevail."

"This match is a perfect example of what makes watching pro-wrestling fun; an unpredictable display of athleticism and high-risk entertainment.  My best guess is that Jeff Hardy wins in a photo-finish-style ending."

A win for either Aries, Styles or Hardy would see them go straight into first place now that Magnus has lost 10 points off his lead. A victory for either of the three would also put pressure on the rest of the participants as they would have made a comfortable gap between them and everyone else. And with the finish fast approaching, it would pretty much lock in the winner, along with Magnus, as two of the Final Four participants. A win for Kazarian would see him jump from eleventh and slot into the close group between second & seventh place. And now with his, Christopher Daniels & Bobby Roode's alliance, it would make their common goal more achievable.

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