20 August 2013

My IMPACT Norfolk, VA

Welcome to the debut of My IMPACT Experience, a TNAMecca exclusive series in which one TNA fan, who attended Impact, will have the opportunity to share with you his or her experience.  Please be informed, the following contains spoilers for this week's Impact.  If you would like to be the next to share with our wonderful readers your experience, please contact us via email

My name is Dustin, and this past week, me and my friends attended Impact Live in Norfolk, Va. Well, to make it short, we had the best time! Before the show started, Dixie Carter was present and a few of my friends plus a lot of other fans were able to meet her for a minute and even get a picture. It was very classy of her in my opinion. But before I get to the matches and such, let me just say that TV does not do justice in terms of loudness at the arena, because it was absolutely rocking the whole two shows! I was very impressed with the crowd. I think we were all a little surprised the ladder match was first...I would have thought that they would have saved it until at least the 2nd hour! But it was a great match, all four guys did their part but of course with me being a die hard AJ fan, I felt he got cheated! Main Event Mafia along with Dixie came out to address the Kurt Angle situation and also talk Aces and Eights; it was great seeing all of them and I felt they did the right thing with Kurt instead of them using a cheap excuse. I was pretty upset with the three-way Knockouts match only because Velvet Sky was not in it. I knew it was supposed to be a tag match but it wasn't until after the show with me looking on my phone that I then found out she wasn't there due to her not feeling well. Other than that, the match was good and I always love seeing Mickie! The four-way table match was very good, although not as good as the ladder match in my opinion. But I kind of had a feeling Roode was going to win! The main event for the first show was fantastic! It took the crew a good 15 minutes to set the cage up and everything, but once they were finished we were all set. Coming into the show I had a sneaky feeling that Bully Ray might end up winning it back. The match went a little longer than I expected, but sure enough Tito turned on Rampage and Bully was able to win back the title. I'm not really sure why they let Sabin win it for 3-4 weeks then lose it right back. So that was all for the first show, after the match the crew came back out to tear down the cage and get everything going for the second show.

The second show started with Roode's new faction coming out, congratulating Bully Ray on his victory but now has a target on his back. James Storm and Gunner then come out and a few minutes later after talking, they end up having a match, which saw Roode and Kaz victorious after Bobby low-blowed (looked legit too!) Storm. Next was an X division match between Manik and Sonjay Dutt (did they get rid of the 3 way rule???); good match for what it was worth...I'm actually a pretty big fan of Manik. The guy can straight up wrestle and look good doing it! Manik ends up getting the W! The next match was a four-way BFG series street fight between Joseph Park, Hernandez, Daniels and Jay Bradley. Very surprisingly Joseph Park ended up getting the victory (with EY in his corner) after seeing blood on his body then just going ludacris! Decent match though. Bully Ray then comes out (with Tito Ortiz) and tells all of us that he's going to shock the world one more time. He ends up saying that he is with Brooke...only turns out, not Hogan. Yes, Brooke Tessmacher (who we haven't seen in how long???) comes out in a very skimpy tight clothing (basically looking like a whore! And obviously a heel now) and after a few minutes ends up making out with!! Gail Kim then fought ODB in a singles match; good match although like I said, I was hoping to see Velvet Sky wrestle or even Mickie again. 

NOW time for the best part of the whole night! MEM vs Aces and Eights. MEM comes out (only 4) then Aces and Eights, match is about to start...then all of a sudden, AJ's heel music starts playing. AJ comes out, stops on the ramp right in front of the ring..stares at the ground for a few seconds and then all of a sudden his babyface Get Ready to Fly music starts playing and he then takes off his dark jacket and does his babyface poses!!! I mean, absolutely everyone went ballistic!!!! I wasn't sure if i was more shocked or excited, but I do know I was so excited I actually stood up on the bottom of the rail and just let loose!!! I really hope TV does it justice this Thursday because once he turned face it got so loud you couldn't hear yourself talk! But anyway, he joins the MEM as their 5th member, they end up having a fairly long and good match. The finish came with none other than AJ performing the Styles Clash on Devon, getting the 1-2-3!! AJ and the rest of the Mafia celebrate while Aces and Eights are steaming and that's how the second show ends!! But afterwards, we along with the rest of the crowd start chanting Thank You Devon with Devon waving and appreciating our gesture! So overall an awesome couple of Impact shows and I can not wait until they come back!!

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