27 August 2013

Kurt Angle's Protégé: Tim Donst?

If ever there was a story to be told, it's this one: Kurt Angle - pro wrestling's only Olympic gold medalist - choosing, training, and eventually passing the torch to his protégé.  It's a storyline that practically writes itself.  I realize that Kurt Angle is unavailable, at the moment, but he will not be rehab forever.  He will be back and when he returns, it would be beneficial for all if he were involved in a meaningful angle, one that's near and dear to his heart - the legacy of pro wrestling.  With this in mind, the man he chooses must possess exceptional wrestling skills with a background in amateur wrestling.  That man, in my opinion, is Tim Donst.  Formerly of Chikara, the focal point of Donst's gimmick was that of amateur wrestler so he'd be an ideal candidate.  His strong wrestling style would fit right in with Kurt Angle's intensity and he wouldn't need to spend much time in developmental due to his experience in the indies.  In fact, Tim Donst, at 25 years of age, is in the prime of his career.  One area that he will need to improve upon, however, is his mic skills but he's got the personality and the quirkiness to develop an entertaining character that will appeal to a mainstream audience.  TNA are in desperate need of new talent and here's an opportunity to add a fresh face in a storyline that will resonate with much of the audience, particularly with the recent events in Kurt Angle's life.  TNA can turn an ugly situation into one that would inspire so many fans.

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