30 August 2013

Has the Approach to Impact Live Changed?

As I mentioned earlier on my Twitter, there has been a notable change to TNA's approach with Live editions of Impact since the departure of Bruce Prichard. That change is since Prichard left, every live Impact has had some form of theme or promotional hook.

The trend started with Destination X back in July in Louisville. The next live Impact had the hook of the identity of the man behind the August 1 Warning, followed by Hardcore Justice, this past Thursday's Must Win Impact and then No Surrender in 2 weeks. It looks from the outside TNA have adopted the mindset that they want every Live Impact to feel different, and if it continues, it could be a great philosophy to increase interest in the product.

Earlier in the year, many complained that Impact felt the same every week and that a lot of episodes were missable. This potentially new approach could directly address the issue and give at very least the live Impact's their own unique identity. With the free PPV concept as well as several show theme's including the Joker's Wild tournament, the TNA Reunion theme, multiple one night tournaments and more, TNA could give the Live Impacts individual theme's that would make them different and also give them a promotional hook that would stand out and create more interest for the show. 

Impact in my eyes has recently had a bit of an organic vibe to it, if TNA continue to combine that with their push to make each Live show different, the recent doom and gloom cloud that has cast over TNA the past few months may lift and give the company a renewed sense of direction and momentum.

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