17 August 2013

Brooke Hogan's Release

Yesterday, it was confirmed by several sources that TNA released Brooke Hogan.  Neither TNA nor Brooke Hogan have made an official announcement but I expect the company to make one after next week's Impact.  I'd like to clarify one thing: Brooke Hogan was not fired due to her performance.  She was released due to budget restructuring.  I only mention it because some have taken to social media to disparage Hogan and I want no part of that.  This is not to say, however, that I thought her performance was satisfactory.  Although I didn't find her as bad as others, I did think she was absolutely miscast in the role of Executive in Charge of the Knockouts.  Firstly, her credentials were questionable at best.  Secondly, she lacked a presence that one needs to portray an authority figure.  It never seemed to come together for her.  Equally as bad were her acting skills, which seemed to betray her any time she appeared in a segment with Bully Ray.  With all that said, I think it was ultimately her inability to connect with the audience that made her expendable.  The live crowds neither loved her or hated her.  They simply tolerated her.  In the end, I truly believe it was her downfall.

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